Mixing in and Extending JavaScript Getters and Setters

Updating popular mixin helpers to extend JavaScript getters and setters using Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor and Object.defineProperty

AngularJS & jQuery Plugins Memory Leaks

Checking JavaScript memory leaks in a single page application with Chrome DevTools memory timeline. Using AngularJS $destroy event to unload jQuery plugins

AngularJS Directives with jQuery Plugins

Creating AngularJS input directive with ngModel and jQuery plugins. Considering the spectrum color picker as an example

OOP Wrapper for Facebook Test Users API

Introducing OOP wrapper for Facebook test users API that allows to create, read, update and delete Facebook test users

Installing Bower Dependencies from Grunt

Adding simple grunt task to handle bower dependencies using bower's programmatic api instead of manually running bower install


Meeting Guzzle, a wonderful PHP HTTP client & framework for building RESTful web service clients

Deploying Yii Application with Capistrano

Automating Yii application deploy routine using ruby and capistrano gem

Handling Yii Debug Mode

Different approaches to enable/disable Yii debug mode for specific server: 1. Using some special file 2. Using Yii environment config 3. Using server environment variable with nginx, apache

Click Events on Elements with CSS Transition

Investigating why click event doesn't get fired on HTML elements with CSS transition on :active state (like 3D buttons)

Hover Info Popup with CSS

Creating simple hover-info/hovercard popup with pure CSS

Cleaning Assets after Deploy

Cleaning Yii application assets with JavaScript, CSS and image files after deploy

Yii2 Preview and Composer

Yii2 public preview release review. Setting up Yii2 with composer
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