This project had a lot of complex peaces and was a big challenge in terms of implementation and timeframe, but the final product definitely worth the effort. I'm glad I had a chance being part of it.

CompanyThread is a collaborative financial modeling tool for teams and decision makers. From Grid To Map! Human’s don’t think in grids, computers do. Humans think in maps.

So put the spreadsheet aside, and build a model of your company in the way we think naturally. CompanyThread’s main interface is the Map. It allows you to freely brainstorm your ideas, and describe your company in pieces, from big picture to little picture. Making changes and adding detail is easy.

Finally, an interface we can understand.

  • PHP + MySQL + Yii framework
  • JavaScript + jQuery + Backbone.js + RequireJS + Jasmine BDD
  • SVG + Raphaël + Highcharts
  • Long-polling + nginx + HTTP push module
  • HTML + Twitter Bootstrap
  • CSS + SASS + Compass
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