I always wanted to build some social web site and if it is joint with music it is even better. With Bandwaggon I got a chance to make it up. Facebook and payment services integration were quite tricky, but very useful experience.

Bandwaggon is a "crowdearning" social startup for musicians and their fans with a great idea behind it: Believing in someone and helping them succeed is one of the coolest experiences around. So, we built a community designed to help artists succeed by allowing fans to invest in their success. When you buy content on Bandwaggon you have an opportunity to earn points and royalties from everyone you share it with, they share it with, and on and on it goes.

  • PHP + MySQL + Yii framework + PHPUnit + Behat
  • JavaScript + jQuery + Backbone.js + Jasmine BDD
  • HTML + Twitter Bootstrap
  • CSS + SASS + Compass
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Payments with Amazon & PayPal
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